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Film Making:
Video up to 4K can be shot from the latest technology stabilised mounts. From a few inches above the ground in a confined area to hundreds of feet in one smooth take, in seconds.

Property Marketing (Residential and Commercial):

An elevated photograph can be a powerful marketing tool. A single aerial photograph can show the shape of the property, the size and layout of its grounds/car parks/out buildings etc. and its position in the locality. Because we can fly lower and closer to the subject than a full size aircraft the camera can be positioned at a more acute angle showing less of the property roof and include a horizon and sky resulting in an attractive picture that still contains the important information.


Our miniature UAV cameraships can hover close to roofs and produce a series of still images or video that surveyors can study on their computer monitors. The images can be used to assess the condition of masonry, lead work, tiles and chimneys.

Aerial views of fire damaged properties, accident sites or noise sensitive locations such as wildlife habitats can be invaluable.
The alternatives to Atomair's helicopters are scaffolding, cherry pickers or full size aircraft which can be expensive and are not always viable options.

Construction/Civil Engineering:

From a housing development to a new school or a highways project, an aerial perspective is perfect for showing the various stages of a project as it progresses. Being able to shoot at close range produces amazing and informative photographs and video from vantage points that are otherwise unobtainable. This can be achieved without disrupting work.


Bespoke aerial stills and video are no longer restricted to high budget projects.

Access is not an issue and our cameras can reach several hundred feet in seconds.

Project Progress Record:

Build project, Property renovation, Road construction.


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